Tools, Tips, and Wisdom for successful School Health Initiatives

Video: Smart Finance

Smart Finance Practices for School Health Services: The Role of Public Systems

Video: Griots Oral History Project

Video featurette about the genesis of the project, book, and exhibition

Video: REACH Ashland Youth Center

Learn how Alameda County young people led the creation of the REACH Ashland Youth Center.

Video: Pipeline to Health Careers

Interviews on public health career paths sponsored by Elev8 Oakland  and the UCSF School of Nursing.

Video: Latino Men and Boys Program

Video featurette  with recommendations from the pilot program in Oakland.

Video: YOLO

Video featurette on the Youth Organized Leadership Opportunities, or YOLO, a program offered through Alternatives in Action at McClymond High School.

Video: Impact of Elev8

Elev8 brings together schools, families and the community in low-income areas to ensure that students succeed in middle school and beyond.


Tools and Resources

An index of downloadable tools on School Health Works, listed by topic and alphabetically.


School Health Initiatives

Collaborative Leadership Competencies (Coming soon!)

Center for Healthy Schools and Communities Strategic Plan 2015-2020

COST Toolkit

Data Compilation for School Health Needs Assessment: Hayward Unified School District

Data Sharing Agreement Sample (Coming Soon!)

How to Start or Strengthen a School Health Initiative Guide

Guiding Questions for School Health Assessments

Livermore School Health Initiative Needs and Assets Assessment (Coming soon!)

Needs Assessment Toolkit for School Health (Coming soon!)

Our Results Based Accountability Framework (Coming Soon!)

Our School Health Initiatives Framework

Stakeholder Engagement Planning Template (Coming Soon!)


School Health Centers

Activity Log Template

Addressing State Priorities: School Climate

Alameda County School Health Center Evaluation Report

Attracting and Retaining Adolescent Patients

Behavioral Health in School Health Centers

Client Services Form

Client Survey

Community Functioning Evaluation

Dental Care in School Health Centers

Dental Screening Guidelines

Dental Services Contract Sample

Documenting the Link Between School-Based Health Centers and Academic Success

Documenting the Link to Academic Success

Evaluation and Quality Improvement in School Health Centers

Health Education in Schools Health Centers

Health Equity in School Health Centers (Coming soon!)

HIPAA or FERPA? A Primer on School Health Information Sharing in California

Learning Communities for School Health (Coming soon!)

Letter of Agreement Sample for School Health Center

Master Contract Template

Medical Care in School Health Centers

Obesity Prevention and Treatment Overview

Opening a School Based Health Center in Colorado: A How To Manual

Our School Health Center Model

Partnering with Youth to Build Healthier School Communities

Partnerships in School Health Centers (Coming soon!)

Quarterly Report Template

Resources for Planning a School Health Center (Coming soon!)

School Health Center Job Descriptions

School Health Integration Rubric

School-Based Health Centers: Proven Results

All Our Brothers and Sons: Serving Latino Men and Boys

Smart Financing in School Health Centers

Teen Pregnancy Prevention at School-Based Health Centers

Youth Development in School Health Centers


School-Based Behavioral Health

Building District Capacity: Transforming Student Support

Building a School Based-Behavioral Health System (Coming soon!)

Creating Trauma-Informed Schools

Competency Framework for District and School-Based Behavioral Health Providers

Our School-Based Behavioral Health Model

Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools

School Climate for Learning Guide

School-Based Behavioral Health Assessment Guide

School-Based Behavioral Health Initiative Results Framework

Smart Finance Practices for School-Based Behavioral Health


Community Schools

Coalition for Community Schools 2013 Research Brief

Community School Coordinators

Community School Coordinator Entry Plan

Community School Coordinator Job Description

Community School Partnership Assessment

Hayward Unified Community School Retreats

Leadership in the Public Sector (PPT)

Linking Health and Education to Achieve Equity (PPT)

Our Community Schools Framework

Partner Collaboratives Overview

Partner Collaborative Agenda Template

Policymakers Discussion on Community Schools (PPT)

Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy


Family Support

Policy Brief: The Role of School Districts in the Age of Health Care Reform

Family Partnership Model