Tools, Tips, and Wisdom for successful School Health Initiatives

Our Model for a School-Based Behavioral Health System

What is a school-based behavioral health “system?” We define this as the infrastructure and programs within a school district that promote the healthy social-emotional development of all students and address barriers to learning.

At its heart, our model for a school-based behavioral health system is oriented around prevention and wellness. It provides support for students, and also builds the capacity of all adults in their lives to address social-emotional needs at school and at home.

Our model defines seven foundational elements that in turn support the six core components of an effective school-based behavioral health system. Core components like district capacity, coordination practices, and a full continuum of support ensure the sustainability of a strong, inclusive system regardless of district or partner transitions.

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Our School-Based Behavioral Health Model

Download an overview of our School-Based Behavioral Health system model, with descriptions and examples of the core components and foundational elements.

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Three Tiers of Support

Learn about supporting students through a continuum focused on prevention and promotion of a positive school climate.

Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools

Download a guide for implementing restorative justice as a new approach to discipline in school communities.

Coordination Practices: COST Toolkit

COST is a highly effective strategy used to manage and integrate learning and wellness supports for students.

Creating Trauma-Informed Schools in Alameda County

Download our spotlight on creating trauma-informed schools, with a compelling argument for why it is needed, and a comprehensive yet flexible approach.

Competency Framework for District and School-Based Behavioral Health Providers 

Download a one-page summary of core competencies for behavioral health providers working in schools and districts.

Building District Capacity: Transforming Student Support

Download our spotlight on building capacity at the district level to implement and sustain a school-based behavioral health system.



School-Based Behavioral Health Initiative Results Framework

Download a one-page summary of the results framework for our School-Based Behavioral Health Initiative.

School Climate for
Learning Guide

Download a guide for understanding and creating positive school climates.