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School-Based Behavioral Health Works

Social-emotional health is a critical ingredient for learning. All students deserve support, whether for a specific behavioral health need, the impact of trauma, or just a bad day. When schools are able to support a student's positive social-emotional development, all students are better able to thrive academically and graduate ready for success in college and in their career.

We have been collaborating with county, school, and community partners for over a decade to build school-based behavioral health systems that promote social-emotional wellness. A strong system builds a positive school climate, and expands universal access to early and intensive behavioral health interventions for students who need extra support.

Explore the sections below to learn more about our model, planning process, and best practices for building, strengthening, and sustaining school-based behavioral health systems.

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Our School-Based Behavioral Health Model

Overview of our school-based behavioral health system model, with descriptions and examples of the core components and foundational elements.

Resources for Building a School-Based Behavioral Health System

Resources for starting or strengthening a School-Based Behavioral Health system.

Smart Financing for School-Based Behavioral Health

An overview of our school-based behavioral health business model.