Tools, Tips, and Wisdom for successful School Health Initiatives

Coordination Practices:
COST Toolkit

Since 2005, we have been developing and implementing Coordination of Services Teams (COST) as a strategy for coordinating learning and wellness supports for students. We do this by placing staff at schools to coordinate COST, and by providing training and technical assistance to support districts with universal adoption of the COST strategy.

COST teams identify and address student needs holistically and ensure that the overall system of support works together effectively. They also reflect on the continuum of supports available school-wide, expanding resources under frameworks such as Response to Intervention (RtI).

Building on our lessons learned, we have developed this COST toolkit. It provides an overview and road map for schools and partners interested in launching or improving COST or similar service coordination teams.


  • COST Guide
  • Tools – PDF Handouts and Tip Sheets
  • Tools – Editable Word Documents
  • Training Materials – Presentation and Activities


Download a folder of all documents in the COST Toolkit.

COST Toolkit

Download a comprehensive guide to starting and strengthening COST in your school or district.