Tools, Tips, and Wisdom for successful School Health Initiatives

Our School Health
Initiative Framework

We have found that successful school health initiatives need a strong framework at their core. A framework helps communicate a vision to inspire and align the stakeholders, and also provides clarity about the components and strategies of the work.

While every school and community we work in is unique, we have identified seven foundational elements, or “roots,” that are essential for the growth, impact, and long-term stability of school heath initiatives. These roots are the basis of our School Health Initiative Framework. When these roots are strong, they support the growth and success of the entire school health initiative, as well as the five major school health program areas, or “branches,” that we develop, fund, and in some cases directly provide to school sites.

Explore the links below to learn more about each root, or download our complete School Health Initiative Framework. Visit the Programs section of this website to learn more about the specific program areas we support.

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Our School Health Initiative Framework

The school health framework that guides our collective work.

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